Shopfront Spraying

Sometimes shop fronts can appear dated, but it could be that the finish has just aged, the colours have faded, and the surfaces are no longer smooth. Door frames can be worn or scratched over time. This finish no longer portrays the quality of your company image anymore. Spray painting can revamp your shop front, restoring your brand’s image.

Maybe rebranding your company and your premises need to match the new image. Or your expanding and the new premises need to be refurbished to fit your company branding. ADI Spray Painting Ltd can renovate your shop front, internally and externally, to your brand’s specification.

Modern materials are replacing wood on shop fronts, and though these materials will look good for many years, they will eventually need to be revitalized.  But unlike wood, hand painting with a paintbrush can never restore these new materials to their original finish.

Spray painting your shop front is a very cost-effective solution to these problems; it is also much cheaper than replacement and with less disruption. ADI Spray Painting Ltd can refinish your entire shop front, including roller shutters and hard-to-reach areas such as soffits and voids.

The process involves preparing surfaces by sanding and cleaning to ensure good paint adhesion, then covering and masking to protect areas that the spray shouldn’t touch. Finally, once all preparations have been completed, we will spray paint with our extremely fast-drying paint for a perfect finish.