Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying

The voids and soffits of industrial and commercial ceilings may be unfinished, or the paint used is reaching the end of its life, causing flakes or small particles to fall onto the work area. Whether the building is a supermarket or factory, this dirt can contaminate the products, or worse, the people using the facility.

The ceiling may be stained from the previous occupant’s processes, from smoke or diesel fumes that have entered the warehouse, or it may be that you want to camouflage all the ventilation or other equipment overhead with a black background, or you just simply don’t like the colour.

ADI Spray Painting Ltd experienced spray painting team can rehabilitate your ceiling void and soffits, reducing the dust and preventing the formation paint particles. It is a cost-effective and relatively quick way of creating a professional look to impress your customers and help protect your stock from damage.