Commercial Door Spraying

The door to your premises is one thing your customers will definitely see close up, and over time the finish can fade, become scratched, or scuffed, which doesn’t give a good impression of your company. Why not have your doors refinished for a nice wow factor when your customers arrive?

At ADI Spray Painting Ltd, we refurbish your existing aluminum framing for any type of manual or automatic door. We thoroughly prepare your doors, frames, and surrounding areas and then use our specialist coating spray paint to give your doors a new look. Apart from enhancing the appearance, this will also provide a weatherproof coating that will last several years.

You can choose from hundreds of colours, whether you would like to match the door frames with your aluminum windows and cladding to match your existing decoration, or decide to go with a completely contrasting colour to stand out. Please view the Our Colours page on our website to see our range of colours.