Metal Roof Spraying

The roof on your premises can create an image of the business. It can negatively reflect the company’s brand and make a bad first impression if it looks neglected.

Weather can punish roofs, and over time they end up looking tired and distressed, the coating has faded, or worse, chips in the protective surface, and paint is flaking. Also, the unsightly vegetation growing on the roof can damage the coating and cause moisture ingress.

All these issues can lead to corrosion of the roof fabric and eventually leaking; this increases the decay and can lead to damage of the roof structure, which can quickly become very expensive to repair.

Refurbishing your metal roof could avoid these problems and costs; ADI Paint Spraying Ltd can adequately prepare and spray a new coating onto your metal roof.  Working with the paint manufacturer, who will inspect the roof before starting the work and several times during the spraying process, allows us to offer a 20-year warranty.

Contact ADI Paint Spraying Limited to help eliminate these potentially very expensive problems and ensure your roof’s longevity, with a new coating of the entire roof with a 20-year warranty.