Intumescent Paint Spraying

Intumescent paint is a curious term. It means swelling paint, and that is just what it does when exposed to heat. When the temperature rises above a particular point, typically 200 C, the paint layer swells up to 50 times its original thickness, which insulates whatever it coats, keeping the extreme heat away from 60 minutes up to 2 hours.

Fires are destructive, and in the event of a fire outbreak, much damage happens to a business’s tangible assets, which might be replaceable, but human life is not.

The protection provided by intumescent paint can delay cladding catching fire or structural steel weakening and collapsing, giving people time to escape safely.  But they are fire retardants and will not protect for more extended periods.

Intumescent paints are also still decorative, just like regular paints, with a smooth glossy finish. ADI Spray Painting Ltd can apply them internally or externally to various materials as per your requirements.