Cladding Spraying

The cladding on commercial buildings has a fixed life span, despite new manufacturing methods and the use of more advanced materials. The surface finish degrades over time due to UV and weathering; eventually, corrosion sets in, which damages the cladding, requiring repair or replacement, both of which can be very expensive. This costly process can be avoided by having your cladding panels, soffits and trims refinished with ADI Spray Painting Ltd.

Our high-performance spray paints are available in an extensive range of colours to match your company’s brand. ADI Spray Painting Ltd will diligently prepare all surfaces to ensure the spray adheres perfectly and provides a long-lasting finish, which will improve your company’s look.

  • Excellent Adherence
  • Rapid Drying
  • High Performance
  • Smooth Long Lasting Finish
  • Every Available RAL Colour

To find out more about our cladding spraying services or for technical advice on which specialist cladding paint is most appropriate for your requirements, please be happy to contact us.