Ceiling Spraying

Ceilings are a very visual part of your establishment, and they can affect the way people feel about the space, it could be customers, clients, or even your staff. But ceilings can become discoloured over their lifetime and can be stained from water leaks or other incidents. We can revamp your ceilings, whether solid or suspended tile and grid, making them look new again.

Historically the standard colour for ceilings was white. However, companies are often opting to change the ceiling colour as part of a renovation, or to change the mood of the environment, select off white, light grey, or choose sky blue; at ADI paint spraying  Ltd the decision is yours.

There is no need to empty shops or offices for the ceiling to be sprayed. We will cover and protect all your furniture and fittings, masking all areas to ensure no overspray or damage. The entire ceiling is sprayed in sections, providing an excellent finish, and then we clean and clear up, returning your space to you ready for use.

Why spend the considerable cost of replacing the ceiling, with all the disruption caused by such a task and all those non-recyclable ceiling materials going direct to landfill, when you could have a newly restored ceiling overnight.